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  • Please note for this recipe I will provide the instructions for 4.6 SP2. These instructions can also assist if using App-V 5.0. An important thing to note. The primary use of this application for my users was for scheduling tasks, to this point the application appears to function without issue. This product is very broad in what it can do, there's some consideration with regards to possible add-ins and custom scripting that you should plan around. If you use ActiveBatch in similar fashion to the users I worked with then this should work for you.

    Step 1 - Prepare the sequencing machine by adding the following Exclusions to the Exclusions list:

    Launch the App-V Sequencer. Browse to Tools-->Options



    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    Step 2 - Sequence the Application

    Choose all defaults in the App-V Sequencing Wizard until you get to the window prompting you to provide a Package name. Name the package accordingly e.g. Advanced Systems Concepts Active Batch 8.0 SP4. Take note of the Primary Directory e.g. Q:\Advanced Systems Concepts Active Batch 8.0 SP4 as you'll want to install the application here, if using 4.6. Click Next.

    If you use App-V 5.0 your primary directory can be the Installdir for this applicaton which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Systems Concepts Choose Perform a custom installation. Click Next.

    Launch Installer. Ensure you select custom during the installation, For this application ensure it installs to the same directory as the Primary Directory.  Next you should Check the box to indicate the install has been completed once you have successfully installed the application.

    On the next screen launch to ensure there's no funky dialog screens. Click Next.

    Next you can Edit the shortcuts if you require.

    Now you may launch to capture the Feature Block 1 (What will appear first to the user) Here I launch the application, hovered my mouse over the menus to ensure they expanded and then selected to close as I did not want to browse to any active jobs as users could then default to the wrong job for them.

    You can then either save or continue to modify. Continue to modify. You will now see the Sequencer Interface with multiple tabs e.g. Deployment, Files, Virtual Registry etc. You should check your Virtual Registry for any hardcoded references or references to your machine name and username. Delete if they exist. If using App-V 5.0 it might be a good idea to select to download the application autmotically due to it's size.

    When complete you may select File-->SaveAs

    Save the application to the relevant path (what you set in the Deployment tab)

    Step 3 - Application Complete

    You can now deploy the application however you see fit. I hope this is helpful for somebody!


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