how to change management pack in incident template in scsm RRS feed

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  • We have created customized incident management pack and import that to scsm.Created templates using the this managementpack now i got request to edit or delete some Class properties in the customized managment pack.I have exported the management pack and trying to edit the Class properties but those are Grey out.

    Please let me know that how can i Edit or Delete the Class Properties in Customized management pack.

    And Also let me know that i have created Templates using Customized management pack if i delete that mp and import a new mp in to SCSM how can i update the template with new mp.I tied to chnage the management pack in template but it is greyout.


    Regards, H@ri

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  • In which management pack are your class extension stored? Is this a sealed management pack (did you seal the management pack)? If it is a sealed MP than you have to modify the unsealed MP and seal it again with the same key.

    If you export a sealed MP from SCSM it will be an unsealed copy of the MP but it doesn't work to modify this exported MP. So this is not an option.

    If you want to delete custom properties in a MP you have to make sure that these properties aren't in use in the templates or work items.

    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    Friday, February 27, 2015 11:24 AM