Managing Administrative tasks (vacation) in Project Server 2010 for partial weeks RRS feed

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    Is there more information as to how administrative tasks are managed in Project Server 2010? In regards to submitting vacation requests for partial weeks and approval/rejection of vacation requests, and modifying vacation time requested versus actual vacation time taken.

    I am trying to set the administrative task (vacation) in Project Server 2010. We had a set a weekly number of hours in the minimum hours per timesheet.

    When I modify the vacation time on future dates and "Send Status", it allows submitting vacation for 1 or 2 days in a given week. Unfortunately after Manager approves it, the resource can modify the values already approved without indicating that they were approved. They can "send Timesheet" then, and there is not version history to show the vacation time was changed and the manager will not know that the vacation changed.

    Then, I tried "sending the timesheet" instead and changing to 0hrs to the minimum hours per timesheet to allow me to send a vacation request for example for only 2 days instead of the entire week, and submitted the timesheet. After it is approved, that week timesheet is locked. In this example, the user has only submitted his timesheet for 1 day and the remaining 4 days are empty. But since it is now blocked the entire week, the only option is to recall the timesheet. The user can then modify the vacation approved, and no version history appears to be tracking these changes.

    Is there a way to show the user and/or the manager those days that vacation time request has already been approved? and if the actual vacation date is different to the one requested, how can they be changed?

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013 5:28 AM