2 tape writers in DPM DB only 1 in console RRS feed

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    I have a Medium changer ( MC)  that appears in DPM with no tape writer (TW)  , both TW and MC are in windows and have correct drivers

    DPM drivemappingtool reports no errors

    .\DPMLibraryTest.ex e /CERTIFY /LL

    Found 1 Tape Libraries

    Found 1 Standalone Drives

    --------------------- Tape Library Information ----------------

    LIBRARY (Drive bays - 1, Drives - 0)

              Device Name         : \\.\Changer0

              Device Serialnumber : ADICA0C0122123_LLC

              Device Vendor Name  : Dell ML6000 Tape Library

              Device Product Name : Dell Inc

              FirmWare Revision     : 641G

              Device SCSI Props   : (P,B,T,L)3,0,0,1


    ------------------- End of Tape Library Information -----------

    ---------------- Standalone Drive Information -----------------

    Standalone DRIVE 1

              Device Name         : \\.\Tape2147483646

              Device Serialnumber : F0A2CA7000

              Device Vendor Name  : IBM ULTRIUM-TD5 SCSI Sequential Device

              Device Product Name : LTO

              FirmWare Revision     : B6W0

              Device SCSI Props   : (P,B,T,L)3,0,0,0

    ---------------- End of Standalone Drive Information ----------

    Operation completed successfully....

     In the SQL database in dbo.tbl.MM_Global_Drive I have this

    DriveId LibraryId OperationOccuring AccessPath DriveType IsOffline GlobalDriveId
    AE6AC68E-A6A9-4CAA-B50B-52C91F814214 66CE6213-7061-4EB9-B1CF-DD962EA1C694 0 \\.\Tape2147483646 0 1 8F91BC09-7913-4A30-A8BD-E889048A4DBF
    622B3D34-1C09-43AD-A7F9-BEDDA57D4E7E 756576CD-3B63-445B-AA49-019DF9807C5B 0 \\.\Tape2147483646 1 0 EFC208C4-8D62-4454-91A1-22C4AF018841

    To me it looks like it is detecting the same TW twice , how can I get rid of the TW that is not the correct one assuming it is deviceid AE6AC68E-A6A9-4CAA-B50B-52C91F814214


    Tuesday, August 4, 2015 8:19 PM