XP is dead, we get it ! (x1000) but, I have a simple questions. RRS feed

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  • Hello all. and thanks in advance.

    My question is simple but answers all seem to not read the question.

    XP, with all updates installed.

    the question is about PnP only, nothing else

    its not about me finding say drivers from Intel for there  chips, I know all about that, worked there 6 years.

    when the XP platform sees a device not supported on the local cache or on the install CD , PnP then goes

    to (or the like) download.microsoft.com

    I have wusu offline updater 9.2.1 running now, and see that many files are missing, but that is not my question.

    I do see updates are there now, and tested a bench XP and got 159 updates,

    but drivers, this post is ONLY about drivers, that MS aways had online. (in your cloud, etc)

    my question is, when the users XP goes to the INTERNET (have fast FIOS here) do all the MS, WHQL DRIVERs

    STILL EXIST THERE,  OR DID MS SHUT DOWN THOSE FILES. surely this simple question can be answered.

    yes, im fully aware no new drivers were added.  but what about 2001 to early 2014 driver there, are the gone

    in whole or in part, ?  

    thanks for any help on this  question,  I did searches for days on this and got nothing.

    I can not search inside MS servers, like one can on FTP servers,  so am asking due to that fact.

    I almost never post questions, in most cases i can find anything I want to know. (related to PCs)

    Just this one simple question.

    Be it know, if a driver is missing , i can find it all by my self, the hard way  that is not my  question.

    (if the maker ever supplied it ever, say  wifi chip, or anything)

    thanks very much...! in advance.

    Tuesday, August 29, 2017 3:24 PM

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  • windows update obviously still works, but anywhere on MS KB articles I see any references to XP, the links to download are mostly gone. There are some downloads, e.g. I downloaded powershell for xp, but regretfully I see a lot of downloads intentionally turned off.

    Thank you for mentioning wsus for xp. Is it still working and is it also including posready updates ?

    Christmas spirit all year long Please remember to vote on useful replies. Mark answers. Help to answer questions of others while you are visting the forums. Thank you.

    Thursday, November 2, 2017 2:32 AM
  • Every day you use this un-patched OS you both risk your data and allow a potential foothold for hackers. Time to get over it, it's no longer supported, I doubt Microsoft will go into details about how much or little, it's time to pull the plug and move on. You can still load WfW 3.11 too...


    Thursday, November 2, 2017 2:43 AM