Server folder redirection - ahhhhhh!!!!!


  • hello,

    so background, last year we migrated from a 2003 to a 2008R2 windows server, i used robocopy to move everyones redirected home folder, everything went fine and for the last year no issues.

    last week we have completely stopped using the old 2003 server, so we turned it off and moved it to storage, then end users started to complain about long file open and save times, (taking 2 minutes to open a 29kb word doc!!!) we checked everything, and made changes to our 2008r2 server, to no avail, then i remembered the old server, and thought 'why not' plugged it in and problem went away, the speed of the file opening went back to normal,

    now i cannot work out why, everything was migrated to the 2008r2 server, the old server is doing nothing (i thought) but the network needs it to help users open files.

    another way to solve, is to delete the end users roaming profiles/local profiles and when they log in the problem is gone, but i cant really do this to 300 users 

    obviously there is something that is on the users profile that is pointing them to the old server, 

    any idea where? or how to fix? or am i doomed to rebuilt 300 user accounts???

    alos users are on Windows 7 with all updates

    Thursday, April 03, 2014 8:10 AM


  • Hi,

    Whether the files are still exists in the old server?

    I think you can have a try with creating a new OU with a new folder redirection policy, which point to the new server. Then create a test user in that OU to see if the same issue persists or not.

    If not, change your original folder redirection policy to "move back to user when disable this policy" and disable the policy.

    With all users logged off (and files are moved back to users' profile), delete the old policy and create a new one.

    Or you can move all users to new OU to apply a new policy after files are moved back to users' profile.

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    Monday, April 07, 2014 6:50 AM