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  • We have been using vbMHWB.dll ( in our vb6 code to download files from website.
    But in ‘windows 7 – Internet explorer 9’ and ‘windows 8 – Internet explorer 10’ we have encountered some problem in file download(working fine in XP, windows7 IE8) through code. No problem comes if we download the file in Internet Explorer manually using browser.
    In our code, ‘.zip’ file was not downloaded properly after event ‘myWeb_PopUp_FileDownloadEx’
    ( 0 Kb file will be created and it cannot be deleted unless vb6 exe is closed, and after closing VB6 exe, full .zip file is created) 

    But file will be downloaded to temporary internet files. Also if i restart the PC then download becomes successful only for first time.If i again try the same problem persists. I have tested the same code to download pdf files and it worked fine.Only for zip files i got the error.

    Then i tried to troubleshoot which thread causes the download to get locked.The thread was ntdll.dll!kifastsystemcallret . So does it may be any problem with ntdll.dll? On closing this thread manually download become successful.

    We have also noticed that ‘myWeb_PopUp_OnFileDLEndDownload’ event is also not fired in this case.The problem with this download will come most of the time i tried it, but only few time the file gets downloaded properly.

    Is there any problem or extra settings in IE9, IE10?

    Monday, January 28, 2013 1:49 PM

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