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    Hello group,

    Initially when we began Using POSReady 2009, I was hopping this OS will give us a single place where we could find more detail on what options users were changing, creating, deleting on the OS, for instance a log that:

    1. Shows when a user was created, who did it?
    2. When a user was assigned to a group, what rights was given to that user, what rights was taken from him, when was the password was changed
    3. When a COM port was added, when it was changed
    4. When a USB port was connected, to what USB port it was connected to, when it was disconnected, who did it?
    5. When a printer was added, when it was deleted
    6. When the IP address of the machine was changed, who did it?
    7. When DNS changes happened
    8. When the Firewall was turned off, when it was turned on, when firewall setting were changed
    9. When the Regional Setting were changed, what were those changes, who did it?

    10.  When the screen resolution was changed, to what resolution it was changed, who did it?

    11.  When the time saver was changed, when the energy setting where changed, who did it?

    12.  Why the Security event on Event Viewer is always empty

    I know event viewer will give you some information, also looking around windows folders will give you an idea of what went on. I was wondering if PosReady 7 has these features enabled or how we can enable them if we can.

    Humberto Sequeira

    Thursday, March 29, 2012 3:57 AM


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