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  • Hello folks,

    Overall, I like the new look and organization of the new Start menu. I think overall, it is a step forward from XP. But there are a few things about the new Start menu that really annoy me.

    1. The little tiny arrow at the bottom right that brings up the Switch User/Log Off/Lock/etc. menu is in my opinion way too small and is located so far away from the actual Start button, that restarting or shutting down has become much less convenient.  Making the arrow button larger and moving it closer to the Start button would be an improvement.  Also, I almost never use the Sleep and Lock functions, so those buttons are a complete waste of space (although they look quite nice!).  If it were possible to customize which buttons were placed at the bottom of the Start menu, things would be ideal.  Personally, I would replace the Sleep / Lock buttons with Resart / Shutdown.

    2. I really miss the feature on the XP Start menu that allows you to move your mouse pointer over folders to expand them.  In Vista build 5384, you have to click on a folder to open it.  I really prefer being able to open them just by hovering the mouse over them.  This is a big step backwards IMO.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006 6:04 PM