Disk "Error-checking" crashes on an OCZ Solid-State Disk with no automatic fix for file system errors and no scan-and-attempted-recovery of bad sectors options in Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium RRS feed

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  • I have been using an OCZ-SOLID2 Firmware Version 1.6, 120 GB, SATA  solid state disk drive under Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium for more than a year.   The SATA drive is connected to a VIA VT-6421 PCI RAID SATA adapter as an individual drive with no other drive on the card, and the operating system is running the most recent version of the VIA's device driver for this card:  V-RAID_v6.10a, VIA RAID Controller - 3249. 

    While tracing a vast speed difference problem between the write-accesses and the read-accesses to this drive, I ran into a bug in the disk "error-checking" routines in the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium.  The disk "error-checking", selected by right clicking on the drive letter, and choosing Properties -> Tools -> Error-checking -> Check Now, comes up with the Check disk options "Automatically fix file system errors", and "Scan for and attempt recovery of  bad sectors", and it preselects "Automatically fix file system options" by default. 

    When I ran the check disk with the default "Automatically fix file system errors" option selected and  "Scan for and attempt recovery of  bad sectors" option de-selected, the process completed with no errors indicated.  However, I was not able to see which file system errors were detected and were subsequently repaired.

    In order to see whether there were any file system errors in this drive which was filled within 3.2 GB of its capacity, I decided to run the check disk with both of the presented options de-selected.  This way, any error encountered would be listed for me to see, I thought.

    Surprisingly, the check disk crashed after a few minutes with no error from the drive, but with the following requestor from the system:

    A while later a similar requestor asked me whether I wanted to debug the system code that ran into a problem, and I chose "Yes" to launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C debugger that halted the code at the CPU instruction which ran into the problem and brought up the following requestor:

    The disk certainly existed and worked reasonably well at the time, and it still does.  It has a vast access speed difference between the write-accesses and the read-accesses, but that has nothing to do with the disk check bug, as disk check with the "Automatically fix file system errors" option works.

    Hence, there is a bug in the disk check in handling this solid state drive.  I'll look into this further as I find time, and let you know...

    -- Yekta

    Sunday, December 16, 2012 7:07 PM