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  • XP.  First, I'm an IT novice... I'm here to see if anyone can help...Over the last few weeks, I would log in to my PC in the moring (which is on a business network), after logging off the night before and instead of my account/profile coming up, it would log me into a new guest profile with generic desk top, etc.  Error message for no profile found would appear and then would take me to a new user account with XP tutororials, etc.  There are only a few users set up on this PC.  A couple of corporate admins and an old unused profile (which I am using now).  I am the only daily user.  The few times when this occurred, I would log off or reboot and my correct user account and profile would open.  This time it didn't work.  I have temporarily transferred files, docs, favorites, etc to the old unused profile and am using that but, any suggestions how to recover that lost user profile/account?  Our limited IT tech tried safe mode and some recovery processes but, still can't access my profile/account.  Our IT tech says this was an issue with XP.  Though I've transferred accesss to files, etc. from my profile (which still shows up in the user profiles) to this old user account, I'm know I missing access to docs and info.  Many of the desktop icons, programs, etc. that I'm able to access, I recognize as early versions that under my profile are different or updated.  Any suggetions.  This last straw finally convinced IT department that I should upgrade my PC and newer Windows but, can't help feel I'm losing data if I can't get back into my original daily user account/profile.   Any suggestions? 

    Thursday, March 20, 2014 12:07 AM

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  • Hi,

    A couple of things could be at play here

    1. Are you using your account to log into any other non-XP bsed system (e.g. a Windows 7 laptop or desktop). You may be experiencing a split profile issue. Seeing as you have not mentioned using another computer, then it is most likely not the case.

    2. Have your IT people log into your machine as localhost\administrator (instead of domain\user). Request them to locate your profile folder in the users folder, (It will be called something like username.domain). Have them first back it up to a USB drive or some other location, then delete it from the computer. Reboot the computer and then log in again as your domain user account. This should pull down the last saved copy of your profile (which may be inaccurate but you can restore relevant files from your backup taken.

    3. (Only if point 2 does not work) Repeat step 2 but do not log in after reboot. Instead leave the computer idle after reboot, locate your profile path on the server, delete it (you can back it up if you wish, however its most likely that your local copy will be the one most up to date) then re-create a new folder for your profile ensuring that you have read/wirte access to the profile folder on the server. Once complete then log into your domain account on the XP machine, then log out to ensure a new profile is fully written. Then, log back in again and transfer your files from the backup to the relevant folders (do this on the XP machine, not the server), then log off (this will take a few mins to sync depending on the amount of files etc.)

    Best of luck with it

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    Saturday, March 22, 2014 10:43 AM