Installing Vista to a seperate HDD: Will Vista interfere in any way with XP's settings whilst installed on another HDD? RRS feed

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  • Can anyone from Microsoft confirm the above query for 'Dual Booting' purposes. Basically is there any chance that my original 'XP Pro' installation can be messed with by Vista after installing to a seperate HDD? I suppose I could use my Bios to dual boot from, but having the option in Windows (on start up) itself is much more preferable. What gets my goat is; Microsoft have known about these issues for some time now, and seem to be incapable, unwilling to produce a fix/rollback of some kind to restore your original operating system to a previous working state, if needed, without having to 'fart-arse' about with 'cmd/text' editing, or rely on third-party fixes! Why don't you MS boys get your 'thumbs out of your asses' and do something credible, instead supplying 'half-arsed' answers and fixes? Maybe you don't want a real solution (for comercial reasons), so you can force everyone over to 'Vista' faster, and in that way you do not need to support 'XP' for as long as you did '98'? Come-on Microsoft; how about a dose of reality? Put some real work in for some real solutions, instead of these 'half-brained' fixes and answers your support people come up with every now and then! From a frustrated Windows users point of view: Get your arses into gear and your house in order!
    Thursday, December 28, 2006 12:01 AM

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  • General rule of thumb with all things Windows is the first sector of the first partition on the first drive will allways get the boot laoder - recalling from my first Vista BETA this held true and the vista loader overwrote the XP loader (but I was able to use the vista loader to choose which O/S to boot to and it was uninstallable).  I am unsure how it has changed since those first BETAs but i would consider unplugging the XP drive during yoru setup if you are really concerned - that will allow you to use yoru BIOS to determine which disk gets the handoff for boot (probably with a F10 or F11 to get a boot prompt for the two HDDs).
    Saturday, January 6, 2007 5:56 AM