DA locating a DC and NRPT RRS feed

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  • Hi, using UAG w SP1.  i have single domain with split DNS.

    in UAG DA wizard, i put couple of servers to be available to DA clients so that DA clients will use NRPT for those servers.

    I can see that DA clients cannot connect their intranet tunnel and i gor on the event viewer on UAG that kerberos failed.

    So i added *.contoso.com to be incldued for DA in their NRPT and all works well

    So it seems by doing this, DA clients could find my DCs and kerberos worked and intranet tunnel is up.

    But for me, i dont want to put all the name space contoso in the DA NRPT, just want to add couple of internal DNS names.

    So my question is : If i added only two file servers to be resolved by NRPT, how can DA clients locate the DC? because they need to query SRV records using UAG DNS64 and i cannot add all those on NRPT.


    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 9:40 PM

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