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  • I have an .msi package that contains multiple clients and when I select to install I have options for what clients I wish to install. How can I strip out the bits I don't need and have an .msi that will only install the one client from this package that I do need? I need this for pushing out to users via Group Policy. I want to "Publish" the .mis to "Users" and when users select to install from “Add/Remove Programs” I want it to install as a passive install, so the users sees the progress but don't have to select any options.

    This has been done before at my site, but the guy who done it has since left. He used the original .msi package and did just this to it. However I now need to use a later version of the client/.msi package. The supplier of the .msi cannot give me the single client, or any help in what I want to do.

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    Monday, January 30, 2012 10:03 AM

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  • Just saw your thread at Microsoft Answers-



    You will need some good judging of what the parameters do in an MSI file by looking at their name. All Windows Installer files are not coded similarly. So you need to be able to judge what a certain parameter or data value in the MSI does by referring to it's name. 

    So, actually you will need to modify the MSI file with the Orca MSI Editor.

    To get the very latest version of Orca, you need to download the Windows SDK.

    I know it's a very large download and if you want you may download an old standalone version of Orca from the Windows Installer 3.0 SDK from here.

    (Don't worry, this old Orca version is still powerful enough for your task)

    Now install Orca. Once Orca is installed, right-click your MSI package and click Edit with Orca.

    Orca will open your MSI package. Now time for you to use your brain to find out the correct values, strings and data to delete.

    Orca Dialog Preview might make your work easier as you can see the User Interface at various stages of installation. It might also give you a hint of what to search for to delete so you don't see that client installation options screen.

    To use Orca Dialog Preview, click Tools > Dialog Preview.

    To search for values, data and strings, press Ctrl + F.

    More information maybe found at-


    Also use Orca's built-in help. In Orca, click Help menu > Orca Help.

    You can also validate your package by clicking Tools > Validate.

    You are free to ask for any help on editing. But you will need to provide screenshots of Orca with the MSI file open in it.

    Monday, January 30, 2012 11:37 AM