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  • How do I default the timesheet view to only show tasks scheduled during that week?  I don't want to see future dated tasks or incomplete tasks
    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 6:02 PM

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  • L Kersh --
    On the Tasks page in PWA, users see ALL tasks assigned to them, grouped by Planning Window and then by Project.  If you want your people to only see the tasks they are assigned to work on during the current week, then you must add the Timesheet link in the Quick Launch menu, and then teach your people to use the Timesheet page instead.  To add the Timesheet link, click the Settings button (little gear wheel in the upper right corner of the page) and select PWA Settings on the menu.  In the Look and Feel section of the PWA Settings page, click the Quick Launch link.  On the Modify Quick Launch Items page in PWA, select the Display in Quick Launch checkbox for the Timesheet item and then click the Save and Close button in the ribbon.  When a user clicks the new Timesheet link, he/she will see only the tasks assigned for the current time period.
    By the way, if you want to use the Timesheet functionality of Project Server 2013, I would also recommend that you enable Single Entry Mode (SEM) to tie the Timesheet and the Task pages together.  To do this, click the Settings button again and select PWA Settings.  In the Time and Task Management section of the PWA Settings page, click the Timesheet Settings and Defaults link.  On the Timesheet Settings and Defaults page of PWA, select the Single Entry Mode checkbox and then click the Save button.  Beyond this, you will also need to create Timesheet periods, ideally one week at a time.  You can do this by clicking the Time Reporting Periods link in the Time and Task Management section of the PWA Settings page.
    So, to recap my answer, the only way to accomplish what you wish is to use the Timesheet feature in Project Server 2013.  But before anyone can use it, you will need to set it up.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]
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    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 8:50 PM