Using hierarchy attribute in where clause! ERROR


  • Hi,

    I'm currently working on a report where I'm using a where clause in my MDX querry on the "ID" hierarchy, but also would like to show the ID in the report (table/matrix) in the ON COLUMNS part.

    As I read it is not possible to use a slicer in an axis hierarchy, so I used a workaround by putting the lower granularity (attribute) in the where clause. This workaround works in my MDX query BUT does not work when I convert the querry for my reporting! I get the same error again





                        [Wager].[Wager number].[Wager number],

                        [Measures].[Payment amount]


                 * [Date].[Date].[Date]


                 [Measures].[Payment amount] > Cdbl(@PAR_Payment_Amount)


           * [Point of sale].[POS default connection].[POS default connection]


    [Point of sale].[Regional office].&[22]
    * {[Date].[Calendar - Bonus Program].[Invoice week].&[2014]&[06],[Date].[Calendar - Bonus Program].[Invoice          week].&[2014]&[07]}
           * {[Point of sale].&[10005397],[Point of sale].&[10005397]}

    --> In my report MDQ query designer 




           * StrToSet(@PAR_Year_Week)

           * {StrToSet(@PAR_ClientID)}


    Any suggestions?

    Thursday, June 26, 2014 11:54 AM

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