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  • Hi All,

    I have wrestled with a strange error within my organization for a while now.  Users in PEO-MA are having crippling issues with Project Web Access. Those affected cannot view PWA correctly in Internet Explorer and the errors are different for various sections of PWA.  For example, in some pages the Ribbon buttons are missing or grayed out even for those who should have permissions to use buttons.  In all cases, if the content area contains some type of grid such as the Project Center, that section of the page is blank.  IE displays an "! Error on Page." message in the bottom left hand corner of the browser.  Details of the error read something like this.


    "Line: 3

    Char: 1317

    Error: Object Expected

    Code: 0 "


    All clients are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7, with no noticeable configuration changes on the user's behalf.   We narrowed down the cause to something specific a user's profile on their machine.  For example, I can login in using a coworker's laptop and PWA loads perfectly. I had one of our network technicians login to their admin profile on my laptop and there are no errors in Project Web Access, but as soon I switch to my profile, the errors are there.  Eventually, we found a fix for this error. 


    Performing the following steps fixes the "Error on Page" dialog and all PWA/SharePoint content loads and functions correctly.

    (Note: The resolution was performed with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.  We have not encountered the error under any other configuration)

    1. Close all Internet Explorer Windows.

    2. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options

    3. In the General Tab, under the Browsing History section, click on the "Settings" button.

    4. Click the "View Objects" button.

    5. In the window that lists the Downloaded Program Files, right click each item in the list individually and choose "Update".  This action can be quick for some items and it will appear like no action occurred.

    6. Once all Downloaded Program Files are updated close the window, and click okay to close the Internet Options windows.

    7.  Open Internet Explorer and verify that PWA loads correctly and there are no errors on the page.


    We were excited that this fix works!  However, the error often comes back for users seemingly at random.  Sometimes it appears with no direct cause, but more recently it triggers after users accept task updates from resources in the Approval Center.  Its behavior has led me to call it the “Zombie” error because it seems to never die.

    If the error returns, the user can walk through the resolution steps again.  Sometimes it fixes the error and sometimes it does not.  All of this leads us to believe it has something to do with our organization’s anti-virus programs or group policies.  However, if anyone knows of any other fixes for errors of this type, they would be greatly appreciated. 

    - Drew

    Update: Sorry, Forgot to mention that this is for Project Server 2010.
    Monday, May 16, 2011 7:14 PM


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