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  • I have created a share named \\srv1\user profiles\ initially to contain the user profiles of my users in my domain, then i updated the share to be a hidden share named \\srv1\user profiles$\ so that it is not searchable in the domain.

    I have Folder redirection for Desktop and Documents for users pointed at "\\srv1\user profiles\%username%", i thought updating the folder redirection in group policy is as easy as updating the GPO for my folder redirection to "\\srv1\user profiles$\%username%". But as per experience, it was not. The computers that users were logged in was still pointing at the old path. But when they transferred computer, they can get the updated path.

    Both shares "\\srv1\user profiles\%username%" and "\\srv1\user profiles$\%username%" are pointed at the same location of the server, the temporary solution i had made for my domain is to create those shares on the same physical path on the server.

    Now i dont want to make this a solution, is there any step that I was not able to execute prior to the GPO Update for my folder redirection?

    Any ideas?

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    Monday, November 9, 2015 11:19 AM


  • Hi Sheen,

    Before you change root path, you may select “Redirect to the local user profile location” in your GPO, this option will move the redirected folder back to the local user profile location. Folder location would be changed successfully after log off twice then log back in.

    Then, you need to configure root path again after ensuring the redirected folder has redirected to local.

    The link below may be helpful to you, you could have a look.

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