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  • Hello,

    Do you know what's the exact meaning of the two properties?

    I know that both of them are named meaningful. And here is my understandin. IISAuthenticationMethods are the authentication types of the IIS. The value can be combination of Basic, NTLM and negotiate. InternalClientAuthenticationMethod is authentication type that the exchange CAS server use to authenticate the client. Basically the value of InternalClientAuthenticationMethod must be one of the values of IISAuthenticationMethods. Is that correct?

    But I found a strange case of Outlook. When IISAuthenticationMethods is set NTLM or Negotiate and  InternalClientAuthenticationMethod is set Basic, the outlook 2010 can connect to the exchange 2013 server successfully.

    Any  ideas?




    Monday, October 28, 2013 2:29 PM

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