30033 Errors when trying to deploy Office 2013 with Language Packs


  • I am trying to create a deployment of Office 2013 with a variety of language packs. This is the process I am following:

    1. Create a deployment share folder (will be eventually be done using Config Manager but doing this locally for now). This includes the Office install files as well as a folder named x86languagepacks with the ~8GB of language pack files.

    2. Edited the config.xml in proplus.ww folder to specify which languages we want installed: 

    <Configuration Product="ProPlus">
    	<!-- <Display Level="full" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="no" AcceptEula="no" /> -->
    	<!-- <Logging Type="standard" Path="%temp%" Template="Microsoft Office Professional Plus Setup(*).txt" /> -->
    	<!-- <USERNAME Value="Customer" /> -->
    	<!-- <COMPANYNAME Value="MyCompany" /> -->
    	<!-- <INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <LIS CACHEACTION="CacheOnly" /> -->
    	<!-- <LIS SOURCELIST="\\server1\share\Office;\\server2\share\Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <DistributionPoint Location="\\server\share\Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <OptionState Id="OptionID" State="absent" Children="force" /> -->
    	<!-- <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="IfNeeded" /> -->
    	<!-- <Command Path="%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe" Args="/i \\server\share\my.msi" QuietArg="/q" ChainPosition="after" Execute="install" /> -->
    	<AddLanguage Id="match" ShellTransform="yes"/> 
            <AddLanguage Id="ar-sa" />
            <AddLanguage Id="de-de" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="es-es" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="en-us" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="fr-fr" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="hi-in" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="he-il" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="it-it" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="ja-jp" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="ko-kr" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="pt-br" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="pt-pt" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="ru-ru" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="zh-cn" />
    	<AddLanguage Id="zh-tw" />

    3. Use the command line setup.exe /adminfile "adminfile.msp" /config proplus.ww\config.xml.

    I also tried placing the admin file in the Updates folder and the command line setup.exe /config proplus.ww\config.xml but that failed too. It works for a standard (no language packs) install when using the built in config.xml in the proplus.ww folder so the problem must be with what I posted above. Are there any obvious errors in it?

    The logs show these 2 errors:

    • Cannot find exact locale ID for culture match type.
    • Failed to convert CultureTag [match] to HCULTURE. Error Code 0x8ff00001.

    I verified all of the languages I am specifying in the config.xml exist in my x86languagepacks folder. And, as afar as I can see the error log seems to be parsing the config.xml OK.

    Any ideas?

    Thursday, June 27, 2013 2:53 PM


  • Well, I appear to have solved my issue. The problem was my placement of the language pack files in the nested folder I named x86languagepacks. I instead tried placing them at the root of the deployment share and they have installed. The documentation for this was just vague enough (to me anyway) that I was unaware the directory structure needed to be flat with regards to that.
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    Friday, June 28, 2013 11:36 AM