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  • Okay so let me paint a story for you

    About two days ago I started up windows and got a strange prompt form windows asking if it was okay to allow "starthelp.exe" to make changes to my computer. considering I didn't recognize this prompt and it wasn't able to tell me where this file was I said "F*** no." and then my connectivity to the internet was severed (using a laptop at the moment). So anyways used AVG and sure enough two virus's were found and removed. However on reboot I got the same command prompt. before I hit okay I did another scan and this time turned up nothing.

    So cringing as I did so I hit okay so I could accsess the internet in hops of finding a means of deleting this problem. (I figured it was a malware of some kind at this point). First thing that I noticed. My main page had been reset to "maxidj serch". to this I said "Nope" and reset my hompage when into my advanced tools (using Mozilla fire fox) and removed maxidj from the list) I continued searching getting bombarded with bogious adds to update my java and other bs. (they were all obviously fake sights) and I couldn't find anything really on Starthelp.exe. Except the more obvious "pay to remove it!" and other stuff that would be sure to cause MORE problems. I did find one bit of information but it was inconclusive.

    anyways at this point I had enough. I uninstalled firefox and figured I would hunt down where ever this starthelp.exe was coming from manualy.

    on the next reboot I again denied the request and went to hunting around and found a strange file in my program files called "privoxy" I again said "NOPE!" and deleted it after inspecting the contents. It was indeed related to that starthelp.exe crap.

    So problem solved right? wrong. Now I may have gotten rid of the starthelp.exe. But I can't get back to the internet. I tried reinstalling fire fox and it encounters a problem and is unable to install. This is where things get weird. So anyways it kicks open explorer which apparently sucsessfuly makes it to the firefox page. Except it can't get anywhere else. (at this point I found/ delt with a conduit.com problem as well) Also apparently my ability to use AIM is perfectly intact as well. So here I sit completely confused on what to do... I considered a savestate except apparently at this time I have no backups. so that leaves me with the dreaded reinstall if I can't find any solutions.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:09 PM

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  • Same thing happened to my daughter's computer.  I've tried everything to no avail.
    Wednesday, September 11, 2013 7:12 PM
  • Have you tried making a disk called "Windows Defender Offline" and running it before Windows opens.  You have to shut off your computer, and set it to start up from the cd drive.  Then windows defender can scan the computer while the viruses are still asleep and unable to protect themselves.  This process catches some of the nastier ones.  You have to make the disk on a second computer, then use it on the troubled computer.
    Saturday, November 16, 2013 3:35 PM