Lumia 735 (and others) cannot connect to 802.1X Enterprise Wireless network RRS feed

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  • In a slightly embarrassing move, my company has decided to update the corporate mobile fleet with Nokia/Microsoft Lumias. This was done based on extensive testing with our corporate wireless networks and other factors.

    It has since come to light that some of the Lumia models do NOT work on these wireless networks, which has proven a bit of a major problem.

    We use a self-signed certificate for these devices, which most phones (all iPhones and Android phones) are ok with. The user just needs to provide their AD login credentials in order to connect.

    The embarrassing thing is the ONLY handsets that cannot connect to our wireless are some Windows Mobile devices, such as the Lumia 735. As for troubleshooting, I have analysed the IAS/NPS logs on our authentication servers, and I can see the attempts being authenticated. The phones then display a simple error saying that it cannot connect to the wireless network. I am unable to get anything more out of it due to the over-simplified nature of the mobile OS.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thursday, April 14, 2016 11:20 AM