Win Vis: Monitor screen goes black with power button going yellow (but is on) whilst playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 RRS feed

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    I have a problem that has happened to me twice. Once today 23rd June 08 roughly 5pm and a second time tonight between 12am- 01:30am at night.Im 18 (if anyone wonders), from the UK GMT-0. I was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and the game started to lag and my Dell screen just went black. The power button which normally is green, went yellow/orange. The computer is still on and I could turn the screen off and then back on.


    When turned back on, the screen shows the Dell logo with green-button then, the screen goes completely black with the button going yellow/orange. I re-started my computer and the screen works normally.


    Ironically, the screen only does this when I played the game. You could say it's a fault with the game that makes my screen crash and that my problem should be sent to the Atari forums. But... this has happened to other people who were either playing video games or listening to music/youtube or doing windows-related tasks. This has happened to an amount of Windows Vista people.


    So my only conclusion is that its either a fault with RCT3 that interacts with the monitor or its a Windows Vista problem that affects my computer when I do tasks that require an amount of power.


    Alt: Some people have said it happens when there is not enough power coming to the monitor. This happens when you have multiple plugs. Ironically, again.... yes. I have two sockets by my window where, 2 rectangular extension blocks with 4 sockets each, are connected. I have 2 full-up extension-socket blocks (4 sockets per block x 2 blocks = 8 sockets) 


    Other than that, I haven't the faintest idea. I have three people including myself (4) who are good with sorting out computers and I can't do it so it must be hard. Parents not a clue and Sister neither. I went to Control Panel > Admistrative Tools > Events Manager > Looked up nearest event > haven't a clue what it said =).


    I would be grateful for help and you can contact me here or at simsward007@hotmail.com



    Tuesday, June 24, 2008 12:50 AM


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