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  • Hi,

    This is abelated follow up on the (40 users, 40 Mailboxes question of a while back.)
    Thanks for the replies and the sage counsel.

    If I have a mailbox per product then that's an advantage because that product's mail will always be in the same place.
    AAnd I just have to manage acces rights to let any user get at it. Much better than physically shifting stuff around.

    But, practically how do I set this up in Outlook ?
    I imagined that I could open my own account and then add the other boxes that I had rights to, and have them in an arborescence in the folder view.
    But Outlook doesn't seem to work like that.
    AFAICS, with Outlook, you're in one box and in no other. So you switch from one box to another, you can't navigate through boxes.
    If this is in fact the case then that's hassle.

    Is it not possible to my own mailbox open and see the Product Mailboxes (X, Y and Z) as so many folders in the folder panel ?



    Thursday, March 17, 2011 4:44 PM