How to use SSRS Soap API to access a Image Resource


  • I have a ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Application that is providing report access using the SOAP API. It has it's own toolbar and provides report interaction all proxied through itself. I have an issue where I am trying to figure out the best way to load report resources such as the Sort Icon gif. The users have no access to the report server itself, only the web application has access to the report server, so when images are embedded as URL's they have to be proxied. I am currently just saving a copy of the image in my web app and loading it when I see a specific url pattern, but if that pattern changes or the report server is updated the app may break. How do I access the resource images using the SOAP API?

    I want to stress that I am not trying to access images that are generated by the report server that will need to be accessed via the render stream method. Those types of Images I am able to load correctly, I am having trouble with the embedded resource images such as the + and - icon for drill down and the sort icon for column sorting.


    Monday, September 09, 2013 4:10 PM