Glim 4

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  • Application Name: Glim 4

    Application Version: 4

    Company Name:

    Sequencer Version: 4.5

    App-V Client Version tested on: <List the versions of the App-V, you have tested on>

    Operating System sequenced on: Windows XPSP3


    ·         Don’t have anything install on first use

    ·         Disable any auto updates

    ·         Sequence all or as much as possible in the first pass

    ·         Run any installed applications twice in this phase and set options until the applications settle down

    ·         Insert installation instructions and screenshots here if they exist or create them if known

    Client Operating Systems successfully deployed to: <List the operating systems the application was successfully deployed to>

    Posted by Microsoft Employee: N/A

    *Posted by non-Microsoft Employee:  David Barker – Leeds University

    If Posted by Microsoft Employee, the Corresponding KB Article Reference: N/A

    Steps to sequence the application:

    <Step1> Package Configuration Wizard

    Title Information

    For Suite Name (Required) enter: glim4.v01

    For Title enter: glim4.v01

    For Comments enter: glim4.v01

    For Server Hostname enter: Default

    For Server Port enter: Default

    For Server URL Path enter: glim4.v01


    <Step2>Begin sequencing

    ·         Move the install folder over to Q and run from within

    ·         Run and select full install

    ·         Locate “GLIM.BAT” file within Q and create a short cut and move to \All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Statistics and name it Glim.

    ·         Delete application created shortcuts.

    ·         Locate “Temp” in the root of Q and move it inside  Q:\glim4.v01

    ·         Find created shortcut in menu and right click and go to properties.

    ·         In the “Start in” section add “temp” to path, should look like this “ Q:\glim4.v01\temp”

    ·         Run again to make sure it works.

    ·         Finish monitoring

    ·         Keep both shortcuts in the next section.


    Known Issues/limitations: N/A                

    Approximate sequencing time:

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