VirtualPC integration function : support of xHCI (USB3) Hubs is-it possible ? RRS feed

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    I use a Hub USB3 drivers with Fresco Logic FL1000 and controlling in Win7Pro: (19/11/2010)

    • At the startup VirtualPC
      • If the HUB USB3 is connected before the start
        • Startup error: the features are disabled
        • During manipulations: blue screen crashes can in connection attempts that require integration, not reproduced exact circumstances
      • If the Hub is connected during the session
        • Crash Windows XP (virtual) or
        • Disabling features
        • Even the video driver crash shortly followed by blue screen
    Can and how to access USB3 disks managed by the HUB?

    Why disabling startup gives no explanation?

    For six months I seek the solution without success and I had to stop several projects because of data only accessible via software under XP.
    I discovered almost by accident the causes of disabling integration features at the boot of the virtual machine (I have tried to start VirtualPC while the USB3 hub was not connected... because I was seeking a pending problem of restart system while hub is connected topic : On a ASUS G73SW the Fresco logic USB3 Root HUB has an erratic behavior - logical drives lost during work).

    Note that with USB2 there is no problem

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    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 3:28 PM