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  • I intend to copy files from server A to server B using Copy-Item but it did not work!

    1. I have rights to both server A and server B. I can either map with UNC \\server\sharename or map with windows explore and assign a driver letter (Driver Letter):\sharename.

    So, I map server A as L:\sharename and server B as O:\sharename!

    I tested copy files with XCopy L:\sharename O:\ /e /h /y (just O: because I map directly to the destination folder). The Xcopy ran successfully!

    I use Copy-Item in powershell (yes, run as administrator) and run from PS command line

    PS C:\Windows\system32> copy-item -Path L:\sharename -Destination O:\sharename -recurse

    The result "A drive with the name 'O' does not exit! and also the same with driver letter L

    I did re-run as

    copy-item -Path \\servername\sharename -Destination \\servername\sharename -recurse

    PS seems to run....It gave mouse cursor blinking and return to PS command prompt without any message to indicate whether it ran successfully or failed.

    I checked the destination and nothing copied over!

    My questions are:

    1) how do I use powershell to copy files with a sign drive letter. Copy from L:\sharename to O:\sharename?

    2) What I missed in this PS command? copy-item -Path \\servername\sharename -Destination \\servername\sharename -recurse

    I am learning powershell, please be very detail in your respond. I am much appreciate for your help!

    Thang Mo

    Monday, October 6, 2014 3:18 PM