File Explorer Cut/Paste (bug)? error found. RRS feed

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  • Forgive me as I do not know if this is the correct forum to post this is.

    I have not reported a bug before.


    I'm using Vista Ultimate 64 SP1.


    I have duplicated this error multiple times using different levels of folders.


    Here is an example for someone to verify this for me.


    Create a folder on the deskop. testfolder

    In testfolder create a text file. test.txt

    Right Click test.txt and select cut.

    Now Delete TestFolder

    Right click and paste to the desktop what you would think is test.txt


    Vista RECREATES testfolder and a new folder named test.txt on the desktop. Inside testfolder is a folder named subfolder.


    Because of this you can not immediately go into the recycle bin and restore the folder as the folder is now recreated and newer than the folder in the recycle bin. This is no big deal in this example, but if the folder deleted had lots of subfolders and files, it becomes a big deal due to shadow copies.


    Now, create a folder on the deskop named My Documents.

    In that created My Pictures

    In that create text.txt and do the same process.

    This time test.txt is created on the desktop

    but My Documents and My Pictures is recreated and there is no folder named subfolder created.


    Just thought someone might want to know about this.

    Friday, August 8, 2008 5:21 AM