Powerpoint 2013 default behaviour when 2 or more users try to modify the same file simultaneously RRS feed

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      • To replicate the said issue follow the below steps.
        1. Open an existing PowerPoint file which is saved on a network drive
        2. Make some changes
        3. Save the PowerPoint file without closing
        4. Open the same file from another machine as another user
        5. In our situation the second user opening the file does not get the prompt saying the file already open and does not prompt to go to read only. The second user will be able to open the same file in edit mode.
        6. During the troubleshooting, I monitored the “opened files” from file server. I can see when the file is saved by the first user, the temporary file prefixed with ~ gets removed.

      I did a few testing and want to know if you get the same feedback from application.


      1. User A opens a PowerPoint file
      2. User B opens the same PowerPoint file gets the below alert.



      1. User A opens a PowerPoint file
      2. User A saves the file without closing the file
      3. User B opens the same PowerPoint file but does not receive the above alert.
      4. User B saves the file then get the below alert.



      It seems that PowerPoint is not triggering the first alert for User B when the PowerPoint file is saved but left opened by User A.


      Could any one let us know if this is the default behaviour of MS office 2013, MS link with the details would be helpful.

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    Tuesday, September 9, 2014 5:23 AM