RHEL.5.LogicalDisk unable to convert parameter to a double value RRS feed

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  • I just setup SCOM 2007 R2 to manage a Linux Server running RHEL 5.3.

    After setting up the agent, everything seemed to be working, I could view performance and check health, etc.

    Then I got 6 Warning Alerts saying:
    Module was unable to convert parameter to a double value
    Original parameter: '$Data///*[local-name()="BytesPerSecond"]$'

    Parameter after $Data replacement: ''
    Error: 0x80020005
    Details: Type mismatch.

    One or more workflows were affected by this.

    Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskBytesPerSecond.Collection
    Instance name: /

    each of the other warnings are in parameter:
    ReadBytesPerSecond - Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskReadBytesPerSecond.Collection
    WriteBytesPerSecond - Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskWriteBytesPerSecond.Collection
    TransfersPerSecond - Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskTransfersPerSecond.Collection
    ReadsPerSecond - Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskReadsPerSecond.Collection
    WritesPerSecond - Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.LogicalDisk.DiskWritesPerSecond.Collection

    I checked and I can not get any performance data for these values.

    I can however view some other information about the Logical Disk (Free MBs, Free Space, etc.)

    My SCOM box is running on Server 2k8 SP2 with the Databases running on SQL 2005, and Server 2k3 SP2

    Let me know what other information you need.

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