Not receiving my Notify Me Through App Verification RRS feed

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  • When I registered my app on my mobile device I selected to be notified through the app with a push notification. For 2 months this worked fine and all of a sudden for a week now, August 15thish on I have not been receiving any notifications from the app to approve or deny a login on my phone and now I have to physically go into the Authenticator app and select the verification code that counts down. This is not convenient nor is it what I selected when I registered my work account.

    I need this to be resolved ASAP as all of the so called remedies do not apply. I am receiving all of my other app notifications on my phone, there are no conflicting setting set that would be blocking the notification from coming through. I do know my job had made some big errors in putting put updates they should not have to the wrong profiles and then all of a sudden this app stopped functioning correctly.

    Please give me a real resolution on how to resolve this and to get my notifications back instead of having to open the app every time and beat the clock to type in the pin instead of simply accepting the login with the push notification as I had selected when installing and registering my account. I have sent my LOGS for diagnosis twice now as per the forums and directions and received nothing back.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2020 10:51 PM