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  • Hi all,


    I stumbled upon a weird issue last week, after upgrading from 4 to 8 GB DDR2.

    I applied Arthur's recommendation from this thread and performed a clean boot, but the issue remains (although it's not an "in your face" issue, but reoccurs whenever I do something on my machine).

    The process eating up CPU is svchost.exe with PID 852. Tasklist /svc shows the following:


    Code Snippet

    svchost.exe                    852 DcomLaunch, PlugPlay



    Now the tricky part: DcomLaunch has RPC as dependency, and basically all important services acces it (depend on it). Same goes for PnP. To rule out a hardware incompatibility, I have Vista x64 Ultimate (SP1) and WinXP x64 Pro (SP1) installed on the same machine. Vista exhibits the problem whereas WinXP works fine.


    Any further troubleshooting that can be performed to get rid of the problem? I really need 8 GB memory for my virtual machines.


    Thank you in advance!



    Started Vista in Diagnostic Startup mode.

    All seemed fine until I clicked on Start and typed "msconfig". Then explorer.exe went up to 70% of CPU and remained that way for abut 20 seconds, even after I closed Start Menu. It could be a good information pointing to the resolution.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008 12:21 AM


  • Resolved after upgrading BIOS to latest version.
    Case closed.
    Friday, November 14, 2008 2:33 AM