My Hard drive unit is new and after installing Vista (and Nortons 360) it is running at around 200mph RRS feed

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  • Forgive me, i am in no way computer literate at all and i would normally avoid forums such as this one because the clever people in this world, namely you guys are on a completely different brain wave length than thicko's like me but i've started a small business on my own about 6 months ago which is (well was) doing ok but it relys heavily on my PC, which is several days old and on its way out! so i could really use some HELP from somebody


    2/52 ago i bought a PC for PC World. Booted it up for the first time (vista installed ok, no probs) i also loaded in a  NORTONS 360 security programme  (don't know if thats relevant at all but i'm guessing it possibly could be?) some time after hookng the PC to the internet, Nortons was saying it was working ok but my hard drive just wouldn't slow down! it was running at (metophorically speaking now) 200mph.

     I re-started the hard drive a number of times but on a restart the hard drive itself didn't ever switch off. Then the PC refused to be turnt off defying the inevitable 'Shutting Down' for 15 mins the first time and 20 mins or more after that.

    I rang the tech guys and took the machine back


    2nd machine / 2nd day / same problem / except this time i didn't even connect the thing to the internet and it still ran fast. i had to connect it in the end as the relivant programs were looking for updates and things.

    I rang the tech guys they said 'aye it will run fast as its the first time its been run you see!' 'leave it for a while and it'll probably settle down so i did what he said and went to bed - 02:50am

    07:20 am i woke to the smell of smoldering plastic, the hard drive had burnt out, or at least something inside had!

    took the bloody thing back


    3rd machine / 5th day / different PC this time (a Packard Bell) it's not been as bad as the first two but its still doing the same thing. if i turn it on an leave it standing, keyboard untouched/ after a while it sounds like it is building up to take off inside. Today i had to to a complete system restore and although all the programmes work ok & good old Norton's is still telling me that all is ok everything is clearly not ok because 05:10 trying to catch up on some work, working now thoughout the  night the bloody thing is now off again.

    "Flight 321 will be coming in to land shortly"

    Aye! who said that!


    I'm joking about it but it is now really getting me down!


    if you've read this message all the way to here then i'm very thankful for the time you've spent already but if your able to help in some way i'm not sure how?i'd be forever in your debt!

    bugger i'm not even sure what to do now!

    any way thanks for listening i feel better for getting it off my chest at least



    Thursday, September 27, 2007 4:16 AM