Earned value not computing to a 1 and the schedules were entirely rebaselined RRS feed

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    We are using MS Project Professional 2007 not server

    I did a set baseline entire project and baselined the entire schedule (several of them in fact) after agreement with the client to do so (Major scope re-do). In doing so all work values = baseline work and all start and finish = baseline start, baseline finish.

    The work started back in November 2010 through now and will continue for 8 more months.  ...but again I did a set baseline entire project.

    We use 2 methods for EV. One we let MS Project calculate BCWS, BCWP, ACWP to see what that is and then we have many tasks set up at .25, %complete (for Level of effort) and Physical % complete(# of test cases completed).

    I was expecting all earned value of a 1 in SPI and CPI in both from MS Project EV (% complete) and our EV given that I rebaselined the entire schedules. MS Project is very close to a 1 in SPI and CPI but not 1 in most of the schedules. In our EV method of using .25 for start of a task and 1 when it completes, plus using % complete for some support tasks and using # of test cases completed for testing it is further off. In some cases .89 and that is after baselining.....just doesn't make sense to me.

    Is this wrong thinking? What should I expect?


    Here is some data for schedule 1 MS Project % complete

    $2,276.22 $2,318.20 $2,276.70
    CPI=          1.00
    SPI=          0.98

    Our method of EV............

     BCWP (EV)  BCWS (PV) ACWP (AC) Baseline Work hrs Remaining Work hrs. Actual Work hrs
     $        2,231.99 2,318.2 2,286.7 2,606.20 319.5 2,286.70
    CPI=             0.98
    SPI=             0.96



    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 12:01 AM