Combining two SCCM sites into one


  • I'm in a situation where I need to merge an existing SCCM site into another existing SCCM site so that there's only one site in the end.  When I type it out, it sounds easy, but my questions are also related to how this will play into the two separate Active Directory domains which will be merged as well.

    Here's what I have

    • Two separate Active Directory Domains, buth with the SCCM schema extension.
    • Two separate SCCM environments, each with Primary/Secondary site servers.
    • The plan the AD guys came up with is to first create a trust between the two AD domains and then eventually migrate the clients into one domain down the road
    • The SCCM primary site server that is being kept will be the one already attached to the AD domain that's being kept

    Does anyone know of any gotchas, procedures, or workflows that exist around what will happen with respect to things like Server Locator Point, extended schema, client installation, etc once two AD domains are trusted?

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:10 PM

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  • It sounds like a solid plan. What you can also do, is adding the primary site server as a child server to the existing hierachy. That way you might have better control when reassigning the clients.

    Kent Agerlund | My blogs: and | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:25 PM
  • Thanks for the advice, Kent.  What I'm worried about is all the AD integration that SCCM has.  Both these environments have the schema extended, so let's say I create a trust between these two AD sites, what happens when a compter tries to install the client?  Will it find the correct SLP?  Do you have to somehow de-extend one of the schemas?  What about the SMS Users and Groups OU in AD?  Does anything have to change there?  I'm just shooting these questions from the hip based on what I remember having to setup and configure when I built the one SCCM site.

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:35 PM
  • What you should do, is delete the informtion from the System Management container in the domain where you are to rmove the site. Specify the SMSSLP in the commandline properties, and clients will use the correct SLP.

    Kent Agerlund | My blogs: and | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:43 PM
  • Perfect, thanks.  Consider it on my checklist!

    What about the schema?  Is there any "de-extending" that has to be done?  I'm not even sure if that's possible, but in my head it seems like a work-backward approach.

    This is beginning to sound as easy as simply powering down one site and removing the site servers from the Systems Management container, and adding a secondary site(s) in the old site's locations.  Sheesh, it can't be that easy!

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:30 PM
  • Nope, you cannot change the schame, and there is really no reason to do that.

    Kent Agerlund | My blogs: and | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:15 AM