What is Product Version Job data used for? And fixing DCOM 10016 Windows Installer Service errors RRS feed

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  • I recently found a new set of DCOM 10016 errors in SharePoint 2010 relating to the "Product Version Job" timer job (note: this is a link to my blog - I'm not trying to SPAM, just separating the issues), which is new to SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of documentation about the new timer job, but in the detail of the job itself it says, "checks the install state of the machine and puts that data into the database". I'm assuming this data gets used for patch installation but it's not clear to me why this needs to run nightly and if it gets used for anything else. The Timer Job Reference isn't any help.



    What I'm thinking is that we can get rid of the DCOM errors (of which there are over 100 nightly, plus 200+ associated application log events) if we disable the timer job (which isn't able to check the install state anyway without these DCOM rights, if I understand correctly). Before doing that I want to understand how the install state data gets used. If disabling the timer job is not an option, I'd like to know what people recommend for the DCOM Launch/Activation rights on the MSIService, as it appears to me as though that's potentially a big hole in the least-privileged model if the Farm account gets rights to install stuff. I imagine you could manually run the job while temporarily granting these rights, at a reasonable interval or before doing patch installs, but that feels clunky and I'd still like to have the complete picture of how this data gets used.



    Any thoughts?

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 9:45 AM

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