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  • Good Day. 


    I am using ProClarity (6.3) and am attempting to create a KPI that I cannot seem to accomplish successfully.  The KPI is a "Product penetration among customers", and as I understand it would be as follows:


    [Total # of Customers(members) in the specific time period)] / [Number of Customers with product(in the same time period)]


    # of Customers is my measure

    The dimension Labeled 'Customer Group 1' Requires the following value to indicate that the customer is a "member":


    Code Snippet
    [Customer Historical].[Customer Group 1].&[3]




    I am able to create ProClarity pages that have the information that I am looking for individually, however, I cannot figure out how to build this as a KPI in either ProClarity or in the Cube. 


    Thank you!

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 7:10 PM


  • If you have the ProClarity KPI Designer that will probably be the easiest way to create the KPI.  But, whether you end up doing it in ProClarity or on the cube, you'll follow the same process.


    The first thing you'll want to do is create a calculated member (probably on the cube) that is your "Product penetration among customers" calculation.  Be sure that's calculating your numbers correctly.


    Once you've got that, you can either use the ProClarity KPI Designer to create your KPI (click on the "How can I use this KPI?" link next to each KPI template in the wizard for information on how it works) or you can build the KPI in the cube.  The nice thing about doing it in ProClarity is the wizard driven process, as opposed to the manual process in the cube.  If you end up doing it on the cube, you'll write an IIF statement to determine your KPI status.  This would probably look something like:


    IIF ([Measures].[Product Penetration] >= 777, 1, IIF([Measures].[Product Penetration] >= (777 * .90), 0, -1))


    Let us know if you continue to run into problems or have questions.


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 11:36 PM