Incorrect Date considered by FIM Portal for User Deletion, Post FIM Upgrade from RTM to Latest Update v 4.0.3617.2 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have configured Expiration Workflow which deletes the Users which have left the Organization after 5 Days from their last date.

    (I have used two Custom attributes ("Employee_Updated_date" an "Employment_Status"based on which the User becomes part of a particular SET, and post transition In the SET the Expiration Workflow is triggered by an MPR which deletes the User from FIM Portal). All this was working fine till 7th June.

    I upgraded FIM from RTM to version 4.0.3606.2 first and then to the latest version 4.0.3617.2. Post this Upgrade I have observed that the users whose End Date is 2nd june 2012/prior these only get Deleted from FIM Portal. i.e. the FIM Portal Date is stuck at 7th June (i.e. the Date on which the Upgrade was done). I even restarted the FIM Servers post Upgrade.

    I have a similar Development Environment, wherin i replicated the issue with out of box attributes (i.e. Employee End Date and last Name  The user deletion works fine here for Employee end date as 9th June i.e. 5 Days from today. 

    Thus , I again tried to replicate samething with Outof Box attributes in Production Environment , but there the user entry is deleted only when the Employee End date becomes 2nd June 2012 or prior. i.e. I concluded the Issue is not with Custiom Attributes post Upgrade.

    Am i missing something in my configuration. as to why the Date assumed by FIM Portal is 7th June 2012 , even today. How to change this Date/overcome this Issue since it occurs with both out of box as well as custom attributes.

    Request your replies,

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    Kaushik B

    Thursday, June 14, 2012 11:32 AM

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  • You have hopefully solved your error by now. If so please share what you learned so as to help others. If not the place to start would be to rerun the SQL Agent job on the SQL server hosting the FIM Service database, that recalculates Temporal sets and ensure that this runs every night.

    David Lundell, Get your copy of FIM Best Practices Volume 1

    Friday, September 9, 2016 11:16 PM