System Protection on Backup Drive


  • My system is running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).  I have two hard drives installed, a C-Drive (System Drive) and a D-Drive (Backup Drive).  I have System Protection enabled on the C-Drive, protecting both system settings and user files.  On the D-Drive, I have System Protection turned off.  This same D-Drive is configured as the Window 7 Backup and Restore backup drive, backing up both data files and creating a system image.  Here is my question:

    Whenever I or the system creates a restore point, data is added on the C-Drive and on the D-Drive, which can been seen via the System Protection applet, under the configure button.  I assume that this is restore point data.  Plus, whenever a backup is executed, more data is added, as can be seen, via the configure button, under the D-Drive settings, in the System Protection applet.  Regarding restore points, I understand why data would add up, on the C-Drive, but, with System Protection turned off on the D-Drive, why is data increasing (restore point data?) accumulating, on the D-Drive?  Since the D-Drive is the Backup Drive, does the System Protection configure applet include data gathered from Backup and Restore?  Is this why I am seeing data add up here, despite the fact that System Protection is turned off, for this D-Drive?

    I would appreciate anyone’s help, clearing up this issue for me.  Thank you.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:58 PM

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