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  • As much as I like Vista Explorer (File Manager), Some funtions are lost that I needed in XP Explorer.


    1. I would like to be able to view the "Large Icons" in picture view as 2D.  I know this will slow down the process as it will need to scan a preview of 4 images instead of 2, it is still an option I would like to keep.


    2. In the original XP explorer is scanned for and displayed a preview of the image using the EXIF data (a 150x150 preview embedded into the image, works kind of like the ID3s in music files).  The XP version would stop there once it loaded the EXIF preview.  Vista does the same thing, scans for and displays the EXIF preview, but doesnt stop there, it scans the "whole" picture a second time and then replaces the exif preview with an exact preview.  This is nice when accuracy is needed, but slows down the process by scanning twice.  Turning off this second scan will speed up the process, but I cannot find an option to do that.


    3.  I have a 500Gig with over a million photos on the drive and am unable to defrag the drive after days of running it.  It has 45 Gigs free, and the little circle is active.  Would be nice if, at the very least, you put in a percentage indicator.  Or, does anyone know of a free defrag program that has a better GUI?  Shame on MS for not putting in an option to view progress, if even for a minute.  I know it would slow down the process having to monitor the progress of a defrag, but as in my case, it is sometimes neccessary.


    Thanks.  At least we have the capability to turn off all those wasteful features that eat up processor speed.  I prefer the 98 interface and hope Windows never loses sight that some users prefer performance over good looks. An option in the setup process asking if the user prefers ( ) power user or ( ) I'm new to this.  So we dont have to search the internet for registry edits to get the most speed out of windows every time a new version is released would have been nice.

    Sunday, August 12, 2007 6:39 PM