Stored Procedure in SSRS- Not yielding fields for the dataset RRS feed

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  • Here is my issues. I am using 2008 sql server. I created a stored procedure . it used to have servral parameter and several select queries giving multiple result sets. however I boiled it down to 1 result set and only single parameter. To get to this point I had create several temp tables and ctes and union. Just to give some back ground thats all. 

      Now the issue is the stored procedure runs well in SSMS, However when I run it in ssrs its not giving fields for the data set. It does run in the qry design screen asking for the parameter . I provided the parameter value. It ran but didn't produce any fields, instead it asked me to give the same parameter again  and it kept running and says something like your server is not connected or something like that. Its my work issues so I don't have the exact msg. 

      What steps I have taken googled , got some solution like FMTonly off or soemthing like that 2) take the parameter and give hard coded value and once you get the field try running it with parameter, it didn't work Thridly, change it to text which is also not working as I SSRS wont accept temprory table.s. Anybody have any solutions other than you google and answer?

    Tuesday, October 23, 2018 1:02 AM