How Do I perform Hyper-V 2k12R2 host level backups without crashing a cluster RRS feed

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  • Hi guys,

    I've been fighting for a long time (almost 6 years in multiple clients) with no luck to perform host level backups using SCDPM and a Hyper-V cluster without crashing everything. I've already opened a thread on this forum that can be reach at

    I've already tried multiple alternatives (hardware snapshots, softwares snapshots, serial backups, backup vms on the same CSV, and so on) ... In the end I always have a broken Hyper-V cluster no matter what I do ... some vm's don't start correctly, other vms loose configuration, others won't boot at all (no os found) ... a lot of time spent in support calls and last but not least a lot of client's criticisms about DPM (even the latest version 2k12R2 with UR 9) not being able to perform such a simple thing like a host level backup of a three win2k12 r2 cluster completely patched and using the best practices (management network, vm network and so son, iscs network, and so on)

    I am really curious if someone is succeeding to perform this kind of thing without a crash and without a single event on the cluster manager, when I say crash I mean terrible things like vms that were booting not recognizing the c: drive anymore, vms that I need to delete snapshots because they can't start at all ... and so on.

    My last attempt to perform a host level backup finished with:
    1069 - error code 0x2 (system could not find the specified file)
    5142 - The cluster shared volume could not be accessed by this node due to error 1460
    1146 - the cluster RHS was finished and will be restarted
    and so on

    Could someone share some experience?

    Thank you very much!

    Thursday, July 7, 2016 3:14 AM