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  • Dear all,

    Few days ago (Jan 2nd, in the afternoon European time) I experimented a very strange behavior with my LapTop (Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit).

    I was connected with my Company through an USB internet key using VPN (Cisco). After about two hours I disconnected VPN and then the connection with the internet Key. By Chance I observed the traffic exchanged (with the internet key tool): It was about 520MB! This is a very big number if we consider that I just read the e-mails (few megabytes) and I registered myself to this forum to ask you for another question. To do that I accessed my Google e-mail. Then my access to internet was very limited (no videos, no music etc).

    I reconnected immediately to understand if the traffic was an incoming or out coming traffic (using the VPN tool or other tools). I observed that the traffic was an out coming traffic with pulses of 100Kbytes every seconds (about). But the connection was not good (in fact I could download the e-mail and I cannot open any internet page...). Then I disconnected and reconnected again. At that time everything was working fine and the exchanged data was not strange (incoming higher than out coming, just few megabytes in an half hour).

    Can anybody give me an explanation of this behavior? I suspected a Virus (my PC was sending my data to somebody...), but why the problem did not happened anymore even if I loaded about new 3 Gigabytes of data on purpose?

    Thanks and regards,


    Wednesday, January 23, 2013 10:13 PM