vmconnect not running at Windows 8.1


  • Hi all,

    I have issues running vmconnect at one of my Windows 8.1 computers. It suddenly stopped starting.
    Unfortunately there is no entries in any log I checked, so it seems the Programm is just not running.
    So I Need some more advice how to investigate.

    From Windows Features "all" Features at Hyper-V are checked and installed (all 4 items selected).

    The Hyper-V Manager can be run, a virtual machine can be configured, a machine can be started. 
    Connecting from another machine to my virtual computer using vmconnect from the command line is working, and "connect" to a virtual machine from a remote machine is working, too. If you run  Hyper-V Manager  at my Computer, you can click "connect". Nothing happened. No log entries found.
    If you changed to a cmd (run as Administrator) you also can run "vmconnect" from the command line - UAC is asking to run that programm,  after you choose OK noting happened.

    After installing that Computer we used vmconnect to install some basic virtual test machine. So at this time it was working.

    At that Computer a minimum of software is installed

    Windows 8.1
    Office 2013
    no Anti Virus Software (test lab machine) current Windows Updates received by Internet Update

    Can you help me where to start investigation?

    Best regards,

    Thursday, August 7, 2014 4:52 AM

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