Connection Problem using Excel Plugin


  • I have problems connecting to Master data services with Excel. We have two domains. One user domain and one production domain. This is what I do:

    1. I start Excel.

    2. I go to the Master data services tab in Excel. 

    3. I select manage connection.

    4. Select new connection and enter the URL to or production installation. This installation is on another domain. 

    5. When I try to test the connection I get this error

    The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'. The authentication header received from the server was 'Negotiate,NTLM'.

    In the production domain I have another username. Can this be the problem? What can I do about it? Can I somehow specify that user to use when connecting to Master Data Services?

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:29 PM


  • The trick here is to first navigate to the MDS web site in Internet Explorer and when prompted for credentials, have them saved:

    This will save the credentials to the Windows Credential Manger:

    And the Excel Add-In will connect using the cached credentials.



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    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:46 PM