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    I`ve got my laptop( Acer Aspire 5920G,1,83 intel core Duo processor and ram 3gb;Vista home premium ) since 3 months and like every normal user i wanted  to have different usefull programs like Nero,BS player....
    But you know that internet it`s like a big sea full with dangerous viruses,malicius software and other stupid things wich are making our live like users ,black!
    Sometimes i download a Trojans togheter with these programs ,or some of the Nero Software was completely loosing of time.Meantime these bad experiences i tryed few antivirus programs wich was rubish:1st-AVG free,(2 weeks using -1 trojan and two adware) 2nd-Avast -i still was having the 1 trojan and becouse he make an backdoor the trojans become 2 ....then my system tryed to protect it self.System recovery ...result- again with AVG -1 trojan and 2 adware....then i try Norton ..
    norton is good software ,but still i was having the trojan...(i found the infected file with Spyware Doctor) soo i start to search in system for the file wich is infected using the windows explorer (wich now is stoping working to me sometimes) and i find the file ,i delete it and the trojan disapear! I was glad,but not for long...the Norton stoped working,i and i was thinking that is a time to buy a secure antivirus program.(panda)
    I have a problem with COM surrogate,and i dont know what is causing this problem,every time i click on a movie folder it appears! I read some postings but i still dont know what to do,couse i dont want to do things worse in the system...
    I am affraid that since i had this update of the vista before 2 days (11.09.2008) i have new problems ,and new messages are appearing,even my windows explorer it`s stoping ! I am not shure that this is cousing all these problems,but i hope that i can find cure for my pc.Maybe preinstalling will help,but this is just an option wich i will do only if things goo worse...
    I am confused! The newest version of Panda- Global Security,it cost me 56,60 euro and it`s working prety well!
    My antivirus program is not finding any Trojans or Worms.Just some Adware and Spyware,wich are not soo dangerous ,but still can afect the PC. I hope some day ,some one will find something to completely stop all these viruses and jokes ,and hope Microsoft will help us to remove all these erors.I think that it`s my fault that i have soo much problems becouse i am try to make my pc to work with all he`s features ,and extra`s...but the best thing that all we can doo is to be carefull what we are downloading ,and try to be patient ...thanks !  Excuse me for my bad english!

    Friday, September 12, 2008 10:42 PM