Trouble using custom FTI RRS feed

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  • Hi All -
    I'm attempting to create and use a second FTI.  I'm running into an issue, which is that I don't seem to be able to explicitly search
    against the new FTI as a field.  I do seem to be able to make the new field the default composite field, using $newfti.MakeDefault().

    For example, I can make the new FTI (with custom managed property mappings and levels) the default one, and search in free form
    from the standard FAST experience, and get results if I search for 'dynamic ranking', and the results are different than for the same
    query against the default FTI, which is what I expect.  However, I can't search against the field directly - IOW, myfti:"dynamic ranking"
    produces no hits. 

    If I have the default FTI in effect (content), this search works - content:"dynamic ranking"; If I have my custom FTI in use, even a search against
    content fails.

    Installation - I have only got the original FS4SP installed, no SP1, and no cumulative updates.  Don't know if this accounts for any of the issues
    or whether I have a fundamental misunderstanding.  My goal is to apply these different FTI's to different site collections automatically, so the
    default experience will be different, but I am unclear how to do that (any light on that most appreciated!).

    Thanks -



    Thursday, September 20, 2012 6:27 PM