Update application list inside Wizard RRS feed

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    WADK 10.1.16299.15

    I’ve been trying to find a way to choose a different Selection Profile for different state locations that the user can choose through a custom pane I added to the wizard deployment wizard.

    This selection profile is then used to filter the list of applications shown in the applications wizard pane.

    The process only seems to work the very first time a location is selected, and If I try to use the back button from the applications pane and return to the custom pane in order to select a different location, the list of applications won’t update to reflect the new location/selection profile.

    How can I get the application list to be recalculated every time before the application pane loads?

    The code inside my custom pane:


    Function SetStateValue

                    StateValueName.Value = StateValueList.Value   

    End function


    Function StateValue_Initialization

                    StateValueName.Value = StateValueList.Options(0).Value

                    oEnvironment.Item("MyCustomProperty") = StateValueName.Value

    End function


    Function StateValue_Validation

                    oEnvironment.Item("MyCustomProperty") = StateValueName.Value

                    StateValue_Validation = True

    End function



    ' Get the filtered list of applications

    g_oXMLAppList.sSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Item("MyCustomProperty")

    g_oXMLAppList.sCustomSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Item("CustomWizardSelectionProfile")

    Set dXMLCollection = g_oXMLAppList.FindItems


    If dXMLCollection.count = 0 then

    g_oXMLAppList.sSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Item("WizardSelectionProfile")

    Set dXMLCollection = g_oXMLAppList.FindItems

    End if


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