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  • Good Morning,

    We recently did a mass copy of data using Robocopy.  We are getting reports that some of the files that were copied over have somehow become corrupted on the new storage solution (EMC Celera).  The source data still opens without issue.  I would like to do another robocopy, but there are concerns that if there are files that have been modified since the cutover will be overwritten. If I have file1 on the old storage solution that was modified on July 31st and copied over.  Now file1 has been worked and the modified date is now August 2nd.  How do I prevent that from being overwritten with older file?  The one folder in question has over 54,000 files in it.  I know robocopy has the /XC /XN /XO switches, but the explanations I have found are not real exact in detail.

    Here is my current syntax:  robocopy \\oldserver\share\folder \\newserver\share\folder /S /E /SEC /W:1 /R:1

    This is starting to be a bit of hot button item for my group, so any insights that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    Brian Dougherty

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013 2:05 PM


  • Hi,

    By default Robocopy will only copy a file if the source and destination have different time stamps or different file sizes. Files will be skipped if they are not modified. 

    You could try to use the following syntax to exclude new files:
    robocopy \\oldserver\share\folder \\newserver\share\folder /S /E /SEC /W:1 /R:1 /xc /xn /is

    For robocopy command, I would like to suggest you refer to the below article:


    Mandy Ye

    Friday, September 13, 2013 2:12 AM